Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enmerkar - Starlit Passage

This is really fucking fantastic. It is brand new atmospheric black metal from the US. I would call it a combination of the sounds of Lurker of Chalice, ColdWorld, Burzum, Mono, Smorzando, Amesoeurs, October Falls, and Wolves in the Throne Room. It is truly innovative and enticing black metal - throwing the genres of post-rock, shoegaze, folk, and ambient into the mix.
Unfortunately, this is just an EP but I am expecting great things this from this band.

Track list:

1. Where the Mountains Will Hide Your Ghost (3:38)
2. Pale Lord Pilgrimage of the Winter Born (8:25)
3. Warriors of the Mist (2:14)
4. Scaling the Throne of Arhemaniaus (4:21)
5. This Ancient Land of Sorrow and Beauty (7:47)

Highly recommended!!